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Osez la mosaïque pour votre décoration !




Welcome !


You want to treat yourself or to offer a handmade creation, timeless and durable, far from products and industrial objects ...

The mosaic has the qualities to personalize and embellish your decoration. It allows you to play with colors and beautiful materials: glass, ceramics, Briare enamels, porcelain stoneware, marble, ... etc. in many styles.

This art craftsmanship finds its place perfectly inside and outside, on the wall as on the ground or on objects, creating a unique universe.

I make by hand in my workshop:

- table tops,

- mirrors,

- vases,

- curly,

- steps,

- tiles,

- no doors, .....

I also make paintings-wall decorations in which unusual materials can be inserted: jewelry, seashells, thread, cardboard, pearls, which I recycle or divert in my own way.

Architecture, cinema, photography, painting, meetings, travel, nature are my sources of inspiration.

I mainly work on order with my customers.

My creations are customizable: I am at your disposal and advise you to determine together the characteristics of your future mosaic: dimensions, colors, patterns, location.

Contact me for any price request, quote, information, advice (see "contact" tab). The price of your mosaic will be determined by the materials used and the complexity of the pattern and therefore the time spent in its realization.

See you soon !

Mes savoirs-faire

Des créations de mosaïque personnalisées
pour répondre à vos envies et vos besoins

Gros plan sur la table de l'atelier sur laquelle on trouve les outils du mosaïste

Je conçois et réalise votre mosaïque

Tête de dragon en pâtes de verre artisanales couleur orange sur fond en cassons de céramique bleu
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